Waste Management & Segregation

Waste Segregation

We will ensure your waste is properly segregated delivering significant cost benefits to you

What is waste segregation?
Waste segregation is the separating and sorting of waste to facilitate recycling. And, when sorted, waste is more easily recycled thereby saving you money. For example, a company who sorts its cardboard packaging, glass containers, metal waste and wood waste will save a considerable amount of waste then sending a mixed material skip for recycling.

It is important to remember that waste segregation should be based on:

  • The type of waste
  • The most appropriate treatment and disposal


Why is Recycling Important?

Waste recycling is important and forms a key part of our personal and business environmental obligations. By recycling you can:

  • Save money – By recycling waste you can help to divert recyclable waste away from landfill. This negates the need for costly landfill taxes that continue to rise in an attempt to discourage the practice wherever possible. Your waste can be delivered to transfer stations where it is segregated and recycled which is far cheaper than landfill disposal. As a result, the costs are passed to the customer through cheaper skip hire.
  • Save Energy – Using less energy means we lower our carbon footprint and help the environment. And, as products produced using raw material consume more energy than ones produced with recycled materials, it’s a ‘win win’ situation.
  • Saves Natural Resources – Waste recycling saves natural resources and raw materials that would be used to produce a recycled product are preserved. In addition, natural resources are used more sparingly helping to protect their longevity.

Hazardous Waste Removal

Hazardous Waste RemovalImg

As the waste producer, you are legally responsible to ensure that hazardous waste is not disposed of into your general waste skip.

Total Waste Management

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Our Total Waste Management service means we will manage EVERYTHING relating to your waste removal across the UK.

Our Accreditation Scheme

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We meet the strictest environmental regulations by working with the UK’s leading contractors who conform to our Accreditation Scheme.

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