Our Accreditation Scheme

Our Accreditation Scheme

We meet the strictest environmental regulations by working with the UK’s leading contractors who conform to our Accreditation Scheme.

Our Codes of Conduct include:

  • All contractors must recycle at least 80% of all waste
  • Contractors must always use the most environmentally effective waste disposal solution, available locally
  • They must have a Waste Carriers License
  • They must have a Waste Management License
  • They must complete our Environmental Audit Form
  • They must provide us with Monthly EA Recycling Returns
  • All contractors are audited annually by Network Waste’s Accreditation Team
  • Random vehicle inspections to ensure continued compliance

Hazardous Waste Removal

Hazardous Waste RemovalImg

As the waste producer, you are legally responsible to ensure that hazardous waste is not disposed of into your general waste skip.

Total Waste Management

Total Waste ManagementImg

Our Total Waste Management service means we will manage EVERYTHING relating to your waste removal across the UK.

Waste Segregation

Waste SegregationImg

We will ensure your waste is properly segregated delivering significant cost benefits to you

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