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Waste Management Recycling

We aim for the highest possible waste recycling rates and work proactively with our clients to help them recycle more.

  • We aim to divert 100% of your waste from landfill
  • We are fully compliant and meet the strictest environmental regulations
  • We do not use contractors recycling less than 80%
  • We will source the most effective waste removal solutions locally
  • We will keep you updated with all current and future legislation

With the increase of landfill taxes every year, waste recycling is a issue that is constantly growing. This is for both cost and environmental reasons. Network Waste Solutions takes a pro-active approach in ensuring that your company is recycling as much waste as possible. This is not only helping you to save the environment, but make significant cost savings for your company.

Everything from your paper and glass bottles to electronic waste can, and should be recycled. We can help you to improve your Waste Recycling rates and consequently reduce your spending on waste.

Contact our Waste Management Team

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