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Hazardous Waste Skip Hire Manchester

Hazardous Waste Skip Hire Manchester, Specialist Skip Hire ManchesterWe are a huge supplier of hazardous waste skip hire Manchester. We are aware of the risks and legal requirements about the disposal of  hazardous materials and we will help you to learn and stick to these guidelines. We provide you with the equipment you need to manage your waste and ensure that you are sticking to the law.

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What Is Hazardous Waste

Hazardous waste is the kind of waste that can be potential harmful to the environment as well as human health, these can be things such as:

  • Ignitable Materials- These are materials that can easily catch alight or pose fire hazards in routine handling.
  • Corrosive Materials- These are materials must be kept in specific containers as they can eat through items in an instant.
  • Reactive Materials- These are materials that react vigorously with air, water or heat and can be unstable when moved. These can often produce toxic gases or explode.
  • Toxic Materials- These are items that cause the biggest risk to human health, they are usually poisonous and release toxins in significant amounts.

Hazardous Skip Hire Manchester- Who We Supply To.

We currently supply our services to a number of different types of companies and are always looking to take on new clients. Our current contracts for hazardous waste include the following:

  • Clinical Waste Disposal
  • Clinical Waste Management
  • Industrial Waste Management
  • Electrical Waste Management

If you want a reliable hazardous waste company dealing with you disposal needs call our team now on 0800 652 1109

The Laws On Hazardous Waste 

Your treatment, storage or disposal facilities that manage hazardous waste must have a permit in order to operate. If you are legally a handler or producer of hazardous waste then by law you are responsible for the disposal of the products and the safe removal of your waste off site. This is where we come in, we can offer specialists in this field who are trained in the transportation of hazardous waste and we can ensure that this poses no danger to the environment and human health.

Other Specialist Skip Hire Manchester Services

If hazardous waste skip hire is not what you were looking for we provide several other specialist skip hire services. These services are listed below:

Wait and Load Skips
Quick waste removal service in restricted areas.

Man In A Van
Sit back and watch you waste be escorted away.

Lockable Skips
Lockable skips to prevent any unauthorised access.

RoRo Skips
Roll-On-Roll-Off skips for large waste disposal.

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