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Raising a mug for MacMillan (and putting down the pint)

Update: thanks to the cake sale and the various competitions and donations, we raised £125.05 for MacMillan.  Thank you to everyone who donated and was involved.

A cup of coffee or tea to start your working day is something most people enjoy, but Network Waste are taking part in MacMillan’s coffee morning tomorrow.

As well as perking up the usual morning routine, the day will feature a cake sale (a chance for our budding bakers to showcase their creative side to the rest of the team), plus numerous mini-games and competitions.  Lisa Matthews mentioned, “It’s a cause that has touched an awful lot of us in one way or another, so it’d be great to raise a few quid!”


Our very own Rob Bunting is taking part in Go Sober for October, to also raise money for MacMillan.  While going without alcohol for one month may sound easy for some, Rob is taking part in this challenge during a month which includes 5 weekends, his birthday, his brother’s wedding, and a televised Nottingham Forest game. Rob said that “The hardest part will be when Forest go 4-0 down before half-time, they always drive me to drink!”

We wish him the best of luck with the challenge, and are confident that he will resist the many temptations that he faces (Forest aside).  If you would like to sponsor Rob for “Go Sober”, then you can visit his Go Sober sponsorship page here.

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