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Ditch the car and take a hike!

Walk to school week logoNational ‘Walk to School Week’ has kicked off in an attempt to get more children walking to school.

Last year over 1 million children in over 4000 schools ditched the car or bus and donned their walking shoes pledging their commitment to healthy lifestyles and lowering carbon emissions.

Taking place between 21st and 25th May, the annual event is administered by ‘Walk to School’ which encourages parents and their children to make walking to school an expected and accepted part of their daily routine.

The initiative was launched in 1995 and has a variety of ways in which walking is encouraged. ‘Walk to School Week’ is just one of them.

It’s just another way in which educating or re-educating people encourages them to take a break from their usual routine and re-assess their actions.

Walking to school, wherever possible, encourages conversation, social skills and offers children a chance to play and use their imaginations. And, as if all that wasn’t enough, it helps reduce carbon emissions and increase children’s awareness of the environment. A ‘win-win’ situation.

Find out more about National Walk to School Week >> 

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