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CO2 reporting first from Network Waste

In a first for the industry, Network Waste is offering its customers 24-hour CO2 reporting. A pioneer of real-time online waste management reporting, Network Waste is committed to helping its customers reduce CO2 emissions – saving them money and helping to protect the environment.

Network Waste managing director Chris Dear said: “Our Compliance Control CO2 reporting module allows customers to view emissions produced by vehicles on their waste contract. These are based on the journeys from the waste collection point to the disposal location. Customers can then access reports on individual jobs, individual sites or an entire business.

“The reporting demonstrates which journeys are producing excessive amounts of CO2.  This allows us to then work with our customers and supply chain partners to reduce the number of vehicle movements or the distances travelled – or both – and reduce environmental impact. This in turn cuts haulage costs and saves our customers money.”

Network Waste, based at King’s Lynn in Norfolk, has continued the development of its innovative real time online reporting system, Compliance Control, over the past 12 years. Compliance Control remains at the forefront of the industry in providing accurate and real time diversion from landfill reporting, while providing cradle to grave, duty of care compliance.”

Mr Dear added: “Customers can go online and access a wealth of information about their waste. This includes disposal tickets, supplier audit documents, data about weights and diversion from landfill figures, as well as financial information such as invoices and spend charts. Through a commitment to waste segregation and recycling, Network Waste’s target is to divert 100 per cent of a customer’s waste from landfill and figures of 90 per cent can be typical.”

Network Waste has hundreds of customers ranging from public limited companies to small businesses. They include the Mears Group employing 13,000 people across the U.K. In partnership with social housing clients, the Mears Group maintains, repairs and upgrades the homes of hundreds of thousands of people in communities from remote rural villages to large inner-city estates. Other key clients include student accommodation group Liberty Living, Facilities Management Company Europa, tool and plant hire company Brandon Hire, construction companies such as Bolt and Heeks and Harsco Infrastructure, as well as manufacturers like the Tullis Russell Group.

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