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Will Changes to The Budget Affect You?

The 2012 Budget announced last Wednesday highlighted important changes that will affect the waste industry. The general reaction to these is positive and Grant Thornton head of waste at Nigel Mattravers said how the lack of news for the sector was welcome. “The waste industry needs stability, not continual tinkering as have had in recent years”. Take a look at five of the main changes below to see the effect these could have on you.

Landfill Tax

As expected, from the 1st of April the standard rate of landfill tax will increase by £8 per tonne to £72 per tonne. The lower rate of landfill tax will remain frozen at £2.50 per tonne in 2013/14.

Landfill Communities Fund

The value of the landfill community’s fund for 2013 will remain at £78.  As a result, the cap on contributions by landfill site operators will be amended to 5.6%.

Landfill Sites

From 21 March 2000, retrospective legislation will correct the definition of a landfill site in Scotland to align the position with the rest of the UL.

Anaerobic Digestion

The anaerobic digestion sector warned that the gas generation strategy announced to be published in the autumn must include renewable gas such as bio methane produced the AD energy from waste process.

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