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Waste Costs Reduced by 10% & Recycling Rates Improved for Mears says Mark Goodchild

“Working with Network Waste gives us a great opportunity to have our waste managed by one source nationally. They have improved our recycling and recovering rates and helped us to make fantastic savings too.” – Mark Goodchild | Group Waste and Recycling Manager for MEARS Group PLC


We have been working with MEARS Group PLC during 2011 to help them greatly reduce their spending on waste, minimise their time and effort and recycle more.

Who Are The MEARS Group PLC?

Mears today employs almost 13,000 people in every region of the U.K. In
partnership with our social housing clients, they maintain, repair and
upgrade the homes of hundreds of thousands of people in communities from
remote rural villages to large inner-city estates.

Their care teams throughout the U.K provide support to around 20,000 people a
year and our care service is continually expanding to meet the increasing
needs of our elderly population and other vulnerable people living in our

They focus on long-term outcomes for people rather than short-term solutions
and invest in innovations that make a positive impact on people’s quality
of life and on their communities social, economical and environmental




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