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About Us

Network Waste was formed in 2002 for three core reasons:

To provide unparallel levels of customers service to our customers.

Prior to landing in the world of waste it’s fair to say we had been involved in more customer focused industries!! Therefore, landing in the waste industry was a serious culture shock!! We believe that customers deserve a very high level of service that the “traditional national vehicle operations” we worked in, were not capable of providing due to a historical ignorance to customer care. As a result we believed we could use our experiences elsewhere and truly be different.

We produced a network of compliant, competitively priced, local independent waste operators who could together provide a national network to guarantee national coverage to our customers and which allowed us to place huge amounts of customer care on top of the front end waste service. The formula of utilising the most local supplier on every occasion coupled with our extremely high customer service beliefs have supported controlled company growth over the last 10 years.

To be innovative in providing real time, online waste and recycling reports, as well as online cradle to grave duty of care.

Due to a distinct lack of quantifiable management information we were a pioneer of real time online waste reporting. We have continued the development of our real time online system called Compliance Control over the past 10 years and it remains at the forefront of the waste industry for Accurate & Real time Recycling Reports, Online Closed Loop Compliance and Automated Online Site Waste Management Plans. We will continue to develop the system to remain pioneers of reporting within our industry.

To save our customers money.

Having worked within the constraints of the major vehicle operations where we could only provide the services to customers that we had vehicles and containers available for, forming a brokerage allowed us the flexibility to provide the most cost effective solution on every occasion. We can provide an independent opinion on the absolute cheapest way of disposing of our customers waste and then utilise the most local approved supplier in our network to deliver the most cost effective service.

100% flexibility without operational constraints has seen us save countless customers significant sums of cash!! Long may it continue…

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